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YHO patents awarded International Invention Exhibition Gold

Number of visits: Date:2013年8月14日 15:07

Celebrate Changchun Yu Heng Optical Co., Ltd. "servo motor rotary encoder class" project won the "7th International Invention Exhibition and International Education Exhibition of new equipment and new equipment," Gold!

Seventh International Exhibition and International Education Exhibition of new equipment and new equipment was invented in November 9 to 12, held in Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 30 countries, more than 3,000 projects, nearly 50,000 square meters of exhibition hall, which is the largest scale in recent years, the results of an international patent and teaching equipment trade show and conference. Heng Yu Changchun Optics as one of the representatives of enterprises, attended the event and received awards, congratulations!

Yu Heng Optics has always "one step ahead" of development philosophy, and actively promote, encourage creativity and technological innovations, and achieved gratifying results. In the future, Yu Heng optics will continue to adhere to the path of technological innovation to lead the rapid development of enterprises, leading the process of internationalization of Chinese encoder.



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