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YHO held mid-level appraisal trainee debriefing lecture

Number of visits: Date:2013年7月19日 15:07

July 3 in the afternoon, Yu Heng optical evaluation debriefing was held mid-level trainee lecture, the trainee evaluation four middle-level cadres were wonderful debriefing speech.
       Players to fully show their style, for six months of work to summarize, talk about their work plans and ideas. At the meeting of applause broke out from time to time. All participants for every speech middle conducted a field questions, interaction and inspiration for this build Yu Heng Optical young talent lay a good foundation.
       Comrade The involvement of high political quality, love business, love Optics Division, extensive knowledge, strong thirst for knowledge, cognitive Yu Heng Optical culture, initiative, there is a strong will to grow their careers and Yu Heng Optical career development aspirations combined.
       The event is the company's first comprehensive, multi-angle resolved agree a good opportunity for young people, is a current and future talent planning business plan a good opportunity. Yu Heng optics will always adhere to the company's personnel philosophy "Everyone has the opportunity, etc., ability and political integrity, first."


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