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YHO presided over the drafting "grating angle encoder" JB / T 9942-2012 industry standards on November 1, 2012 formally implemented

Number of visits: Date:2012年11月5日 15:09

The industry-standard tasks included in the revised May 2009 National Industry and Information Technology issued subordinates "in 2009 the first batch of Industry standard revision plan," Plan No. :2009-0727T-JB, completion time: 2010. The standard proposed by China Machinery Industry Federation, measuring meter by the National Standardization Technical Committee (SAC / TC 132) centralized, is JB / T 9942-1999 "grating angular displacement sensor" industry standard revision.

Responsible for drafting the standard unit: Optical Co., Ltd., Changchun Yu Heng.

Participated in the drafting of the standard: Guangzhou Nordson Digital Control Equipment Co., Institute of Optoelectronic Technology, four Chuankeaoda Technology Co., Legg Photoelectric Instrument Co., Ltd. Langfang Development Zone, Wuxi City, Ke Ruite Seiki Co., Ltd. China Institute of Metrology.

"Grating angle encoder" JB / T 9942-2012 standard industry released in June 2012, with effect from November 1, 2012 the formal implementation.

Yu revision of this standard is to measure the optical encoder and angle encoder grating industry breakthrough R & D and manufacturing technology to enhance domestic absolute encoder performance, high-end CNC machine tools to meet the matching requirements, to break the foreign monopoly, has a very important social and economic significance .

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