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China Machine Tool Industry Association, the number of significant device sixth chapter three directors (enlarged) meeting

Number of visits: Date:2013年8月14日 16:25

China Machine Tool Industry Association, the number of significant device sixth chapter three directors (enlarged) meeting was held in Changchun in 2010, August 16 to 19, a total of 30 units of 44 representatives attended the meeting. Deputy Director of Standardization and Technical Supervision Department of Jilin Province Wang Xinyu, Dr. Lv Ning public letter to Secretary of Changchun City, Changchun National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Vice 任石威 attended the opening ceremony and congratulated the victory of the meeting was held.

The meeting summed up the work of the first half and the second half focused, considered and adopted the Supplementary Guangzhou Nordson Digital Control Equipment Co., Ltd. amounting to significant branch vice president of units sixth proposal, informed the CIMT 2010 Beijing International Machine Tool Show preparations for the convening of the significant number of exhibitors and Coordination Branch delegation, a delegation of work to do. Separate topic forum discussion of the "grating angle encoder", "grating angular displacement measuring system" and "grating encoder serial bidirectional communication interface technology" and CNC docking system and other issues.

Organizers of the meeting, Yu Heng Optical Co., Ltd. in Changchun organizational units participating in the company's multi-media training center and professional development to make the industry analysis report, Yu Heng optical optical encoder on the development of new technologies and market trends to analyze all reports, Another several professional technical analysis grating absolute encoder technology, bi-directional interface technology. Meeting a warm atmosphere and full of vitality, the development of digital industry will play a positive role in promoting.



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Delegates Yu Heng Optical office before leading a group photo with the company

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