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Wake up polar bear - Russian machine tool market


On May 14, 2017, following the footsteps of the "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit held in Beijing, led by the Machine Tool Corporation went to Russia to attend the 18th Russian International Exhibition on Metalworking Equipment and Tools (hereinafter referred to as Russia International Machine Tool Show ) Team embarked on a flight from Beijing to the Russian capital Moscow.

The exhibition from May 15 to May 19, which lasted 5 days, Changchun Yu Heng Optical Co., Ltd. following the 16th International Machine Tool Show in Russia in 2015 after the first appearance as an exhibitor of Russia.

As the leader of China grating encoder, China Machine Tool Industry Association digital sub-chairman of the unit, but also the show's only Chinese sensor manufacturer, Yu Heng Optical at this show is not only responsible for the promotion and promotion of China grating code Grating, grating task, but also the current situation in Russia's overall industry and sensor market demand for the overall situation of the focus of research.

The current Russian machine tool market, it should be said that toward rational, seeking the goal of the direction of development. The machine tool market will also gradually come out of the downturn stage, from the complete machine to supporting the rapid development of many other areas, the rapid growth of local businesses, other countries are optimistic about the Russian market, exhibitors from 33 countries and regions exhibitors, of which German Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, Taiwan Pavilion, China Pavilion have applied for the largest ever booth exhibitors.

China pavilion situation:


(China Pavilion opening ceremony)

On May 15, 2017, at 11 am, the opening ceremony of the China Pavilion was held under the chairmanship of Wang Xuesong, chief representative of China Machine Tool Corporation's Moscow office. Mr. Liang Feng, President of China Machine Tool Corporation, and the business staff of the Chinese Embassy in Russia Public Assistant Assistant Mr. Tianming Tian, ​​President of Russian Machine Tool Industry Association Satdorov, Vice President of Russian Machine Tool Industry Association Feidolowa, China Machine Tool Association executive vice president Chen Huiren, Russia's machinery and technology and innovative products trade promotion Mr. Sammolu, vice chairman of the association, and Mr. Dokatov, vice president of the exhibition center, attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon!

China Pavilion total exhibition area of ​​650 square meters, exhibitors representing 120 people, fully demonstrated the good image of Chinese enterprises!

As the China Pavilion is Hall 4, it is often closed. You can still see many exhibitors who are passionately receiving intentions from different countries and regions. Many customers came to the exhibition hall for many days in succession to discuss and ask about the parameters of the product, performance, installation and commissioning. This shows that Russia's machine tool industry is keen on Chinese products.

Russia's overall machine tool market situation - industrial upgrading transformation tends to be obvious

1. The two governments attach great importance to support

In its policy of "One Belt, One Road", Russia is the largest market in terms of policy. It is also an important founding member country of the AIIB. It occupies an important position in the "Belt and Road Initiative," and the "Far East Development Strategy" It is in line with the strategic focus of our "Belt and Road" and gives new Sino-Russian economic cooperation a new market space.

On December 1, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new version of the "Russian Federal Foreign Policy Conception" (hereinafter referred to as "Conception"), calling for the establishment of an equal and mutually beneficial partnership.

The "concept" emphasizes that Russia will continue to actively cooperate with China in various fields of development, jointly meet new threats and challenges, and build a comprehensive, equal and mutually trust comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation.

2. The flexible cooperation between China and Russia can better meet the demand of the Russian market

  China's machine tool industry has now come out of the industry since 2011, the situation of decline, both from the volume of production to the amount of steady upward climb.

However, the docking mode of China's machine tool industry and Russia's machine tool industry has also led to different cooperation modes after decades of operation, including various cooperation modes such as cooperation in building factories and mutual agency. Such as large enterprises such as Dalian Machine Tool, Baoji Machine Tool and other enterprises have already started cooperation with Russia to build factories. At the same time, some small and medium-sized machine tool manufacturers are also actively working together to build factories. Other core components such as numerical control systems companies through the extensive development of agents and set up offices in Russia and other ways to promote their products.

3. Sensor market waiting to take off

The number of local sensor manufacturers in Russia can be said to be very few, most of the sensor products are the same system or the whole machine into the Russian market, so there are few sensors to do the agents. Only a small number of enterprises on the need for machine renovation and upgrading of the sensor will be interested. I believe as more Chinese machine tools into the Russian market, the demand for sensors will gradually rise, the sensor industry off just around the corner. Optical Co., Ltd. Changchun Yu Heng, represented by China's grating sensor business, the grating encoder products have been applied in Russia, the future market is very broad.

In summary, the Russian machine tool market has more room for growth and strategic potential, just as a sleeping polar bear in Siberia is gradually wake up, see opportunities, but also pay attention to various risks, including financial risk, currency settlement risk, policy change quickly At the same time, language and cultural barriers between China and Russia also need to be run together and overcome.

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