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Congratulations on the successful holding of "Eighth Member Conference of Digital Display Devices Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association"


China Machine Tool Industry Association digital display device branch eighth session of the General Assembly on January 8, 2017 to 10 in Dalian. Mao Yifeng, executive vice chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association and director Zhang Yanjun, member of the association liaison department, leaders of the club members and branch advisers of more than 40 people attended the meeting.

Mao Yufeng, executive vice president, conveyed the situation of the Sixth Session of the Seventh Council of the Association and conveyed the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, arousing great attention and heated discussion among the delegates.

The meeting heard, reviewed and passed the work report made by Chairman Lin Changyou on behalf of the Seventh Council. The report reviews the digital industry over the past four years: the fragmentation of businesses in the industry and the absence of technological advances are some of the highlights. The report reviews the four years of the club's work on fulfilling the three core functions of "providing services, reflecting demands and regulating behaviors". For example, for the first time, the delegation visited the International Machine Tool Fair for the first time and compiled and compiled the Industry Upgrade Report for Digital Display Industry for the first time. It was the first time that enterprises were awarded the nameplate of "Anti-Unfair Competition Convention" and compiled the "30 Years of Digital China" , Completed the tasks assigned by the association well. According to several years of exploration and discussion of the digital enterprise, the report answered the question of "how do digital enterprises survive and develop?" Under the new normal. The report also pointed out the deficiencies of the work of this Council.

The meeting heard, reviewed and approved by the Secretary-General Wu Ping, "Rules of Association branch" and "Membership Fees Payment", the description of changes in club branch accounting and the club website revision and WeChat public account description.

Deputy Secretary-General Xu Zongzheng Special Topic Speech: Commemorate the 30th anniversary of China's digital display, release "China's digital display for 30 years" album.

At the meeting, Zhang Yanjun, director of the organization and liaison department, read out the document "Reply on Approval of Digital Signaling Unit for General Election."

After full deliberation the meeting, elected a new session of the council and positive, vice chairman of the unit. The club council consists of 19 units. Changchun Yu Heng Optical Co., Ltd. was elected as director unit, general manager Lin Changyou re-chairman. Guilin Guanglu Digital Measurement and Control Co., Ltd., Suzhou Yixin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Branch in the Technology Co., Ltd., Guiyang Xinhao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. elected vice president of units. The meeting was nominated by the director unit according to the procedure and passed the general secretary of Wu Ping, Xu Zongzheng's deputy secretary-general, Nie Dongjun's deputy secretary-general and Wu Fang's secretary candidates. The basic working team of the secretariat of this branch was set up.

Lin Chang-you, chairman of the newly elected Eighth Digital Sub-branch, made a speech. He said the new council will work hard to unite its members to contribute to the better and faster development of the digital display industry.

Meeting of Zhuhai Yixin Company, Zhuhai College of Jilin University, Ningbo Fengzhan Instrument Company and other three units to apply for membership was reviewed and approved by the Council accepted as a new member.

Delegates visited the Dalian Koyo CNC machine tool production line and underground production workshop, Li Wenqing, vice president of Dalian Koyo in detail the technical characteristics and achievements, in particular, Yu Heng optical absolute encoder and absolute grating produced in Dalian Koyo CNC machine tool validation applications, as well as the number of land measurement line production line data acquisition system practical application. Mr. Yu Dehai, Chairman of Dalian Guang Yang, warmly welcomed the delegation of Digital Display Association. He introduced the history of Dalian Guang Yang Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Development, corporate culture, and understanding of intelligent manufacturing. He also put forward our hope in digital display industry. The delegates were greatly encouraged by visiting Dalian Koyo Company.

With the efforts of all the participants, the conference completed all the programs and achieved complete success.


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