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Sixth Congress of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, the number of display devices branch held

Number of visits: Date:2013年8月14日 16:30

Sixth Congress of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, the number of display devices in Guangxi Beihai branch was held on December 12, 2008 to 13, a total of 30 units of 44 representatives attended the meeting.

The difference between the way the election meeting produced a significant number of new devices branch of the Sixth Council. Election Guilin Guanglu Measuring Corporation Council for the sixth chairman of the unit, the election Changchun ray Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Co., ordinary mail, Suzhou Yi Xinguang Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Changchun Yuheng Optics Ltd. as vice chairman of the unit, Li Zhenxiong employed as secretary general.

Meeting about the CIMT 2009 preparations for the Beijing International Machine Tool Exhibition, held a significant number of exhibitors and Coordination Branch delegation, a delegation of work to do. Reported on the establishment of the National Standardization Technical Committee several measuring meter display unit of the Technical Committee on progress and industry standardization work to be undertaken content. Introduced the "China Digital Site", the lead case.

Conference topics Forum discussion of the "grating sensor bi-directional digital interface standard" and "digital grating grating to the CNC upgrade" and other issues. Digital equipment for the basic trend of the current business situation and the economic situation in the economy were analyzed on how to cope with the international financial crisis brought about by the enterprises had a lively discussion and experience, experience, exchange of views.

The meeting also undertake research to determine the 2009 annual meeting of the significant number of units. Meeting is warm and full of vitality, is a solidarity meeting on the development of digital industry will play a positive role in promoting.


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