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◇ Mechanical aspects
Solid shaft
1. Encoder shaft and the user-side output shaft with a flexible soft connection between the user to avoid the string due to the string, beating caused encoder shaft and code wheel damage.
2. Please pay attention to the allowable shaft load during installation.
3. Should ensure that the encoder shaft and the user output shaft of the different axis of <0.20mm, with the axis of the declination angle of <1.5 °.
4. Do not hit and hit the collision during installation, so as not to damage the shaft and encoder.
Hollow shaft class
1, to avoid rigid connection with the encoder, plate spring should be used.
2, the encoder should be gently pushed into the sleeve shaft when installation, it is forbidden to hit with the hammer to avoid damaging the shaft and encoder.
3, long-term use, check the leaf spring relative encoder is loose; due to the encoder screw is loose.
◇ Electrical

1. Grounding should be as coarse as possible, generally greater than φ3.

2. Encoder output lines do not overlap each other, so as not to damage the output circuit.

3. Encoder signal lines do not receive the DC power or AC current, so as not to damage the output circuit.

4. Encoder connected to the motor and other equipment, should be well grounded, do not have static electricity.

5. Shielded cable should be used.

6. Before starting, should be carefully checked, product specifications and encoder models are consistent, the wiring is correct.

7. Long-distance transmission, should consider the signal attenuation factor, the choice of low output impedance, anti-interference ability of the output.

8. Avoid using in strong electromagnetic environment.

◇ Environmental aspects
1. Encoder is a precision instrument, the use of attention to the surrounding vibration sources and sources of interference.
2. Not leak-proof structure of the encoder Do not spill water, oil, etc., if necessary, to add protective cover.
3. Please note that the ambient temperature and humidity are within the requirements of the instrument.
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