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Technical terms
Two signals with 90°phase difference and zero-position signal
Two signals with 90°phase difference on two ways and zero-position signal
UVW signal
The relationship of three-way signal(electrical degree) representing 120°phase difference
Voltage output
Earth with NPN type transistor emitter, circuit outputting collector and load resistance
Open collector output
NPN type circuit outputting directly from transistor emitter
Long distance driver output
To use integrated circuit with long distance output, the signal is output in two directions very fast, with strong antijamming capability, which can also test the disconnection of the cable.
Long distance receiver
To receive with the dedicated IC outputting signals from the driver. When in use, please be noted that the long distance driver must match the long distance receiver. If you choose to use 75113 long distance driver for output, you should use 75115 circuit receiver for receiving. If not matched, it shall be affected for its use.
Complementary output
Connect NPN type and PNP type geminate transistors emitter with output circuit. This kind of circuit can response rapidly, and can transmit in long distance.
Injection current permitted
The current value absorbed most for one-way signal of the encoder.
Output resistance
Internal impedance of the output circuit
Minimum load impedance
The minimum load impedance
Allowable shaft load
The axle and radial load capacity the shaft can bear
Half of the difference between the rotating angle obtained by accumulation of the output pulse numbers and theoretical rotating angle. Plus positive and negative signs.
Periodic error
The difference between the output pulse number period and theoretical pulse number period.
The difference between adjacent periods
The difference between adjacent pulse periods
The way to output pulse train or the periodic pulse train of the sine wave. Its position is obtained through accumulation.
The way to output mechanical displacement as the absolute position by binary code or Gray code.
Positive logic
The way to output mechanical displacement as the absolute position by binary code or Gray code.
Negative logic
Symbol “1” is the output logic corresponding to output voltage “L”

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