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Changchun Yu Heng Optical Co., Ltd., as China's earliest professional manufacturer of optical encoders and optical instruments, Yu Heng optical history of the industrialization of China's optical encoder development history.

In 1965, the first optical instrument factory in Changchun (Yu Heng optical predecessor) was established, the first optical instrument was born.

In 1967, China's first industrialized optical encoder was born in Yuheng Optics.

In 1986, Yu Heng Optical introduced Japan encoder manufacturing technology, and independent innovation, to form their own intellectual property and brand, has been occupying China's largest optical encoder market share.

In 1992, Yu Heng optical optics encoder for launch vehicles and communications satellites in China by the CPC Central Committee, State Council, Central Military Commission of the awards.

In 1994, Yu Heng Optical encoder exports abroad, the first in the industry access to the State Ministry of Foreign Trade import and export license.


In 1994, Yu Heng Optical was established as a pilot base for the National Encoder Engineering Project, forming a pilot center for R & D of optical encoders.

In 2001, Yu Heng Optical was named the industry's only national CAD application engineering demonstration enterprises.

In 2002, Yu Heng Optical was approved to set up a national post-doctoral research station.

In 2003, Yu Heng Optical was named the top 100 enterprises to declare the patent, has obtained 123 national patents granted, far ahead in the same industry.

In 2004, Yu Heng Optical in the industry the first full implementation of ERP enterprise resource planning system, the full implementation of successful information management.

2005, Changchun Yu Heng Electrical Co., Ltd. was established; Yu Heng Optical "photoelectric encoder" project by the country to revitalize the northeast old industrial base of high-tech industry development project, a total investment of 120 million yuan.

In 2006, Yu Heng Optical was established as a postdoctoral research base in Jilin Province, R & D strength to further strengthen.

In 2007, Changchun Yuheng Times Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established. "Yuheng" brand optical encoder products won the Chinese famous brand and became the only company in China that has won this honor in the encoder industry.

In 2008, Yu Heng Optical covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters of new industrial science and Technology Park completed, Yu Heng optical will write a more brilliant chapter; Yu Heng optical become Jilin Province, the first approved by the country

high-tech enterprises.

In 2009, the project of "Industrialization of High Precision Synchronous Control Optical Encoder" won the special project of rejuvenation and technical transformation of national information industry with a total investment of 100 million yuan; presided over the development of "rotary encoder" industry

Standards, included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 2009 second batch of industry standard system revision plan.

In 2010, it cooperated with Jilin Province Standards Institute to undertake the "Research on Technical Standards of Photoelectric Encoder" - 2010 National Public Welfare Industry Research Project; Presided over the revision of "Raster Angle Encoder"

Industry standards included in the Ministry of Industry and the first batch of 2009 industry standard system revision plan; involved in the development of "CPE-Bus Displacement Encoder two-way serial communication protocol," the industry standard.

In 2011, "Development of High Precision and High Resolution Absolute Grating Rotary Encoder" won the special project of 12th Five-Year National Major Science and Technology with a total investment of 24 million yuan.

In 2012, Yu Heng Optical presided over the drafting of "grating angle encoder" JB / T 9942-2012 industry standard in November 1, 2012 came into effect.

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