Sensing sincerely, only Yu Heng

Changchun Yu Heng Optics  Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Yu Heng Optics ) is located in Changchun City, known as "China Optics  City," located in Changchun National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Jilin Province is the first batch of national high-tech enterprises , Is China's most powerful optical encoder, Optics instruments and complete sets of mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturers. Yu Heng Optics  "photoelectric encoder" project, the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base of high-tech industries in the first batch of special projects, the project total investment 120 million yuan. In 2008, the newly-opened Yu Heng Optical Industry Science and Technology Park covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters with a construction area of ​​16,000 square meters. The company currently employs 377 people. In 2009, the company's "High Precision Synchronous Control Encoder Industrialization" project won national information Industrial revitalization and technological transformation of special projects, the project a total investment of 100000000 yuan, the leading optical encoder products annual production capacity of 1 million units. In 2011, the "High-precision and High-resolution Absolute Grating Rotary Encoder Development" project of our company was approved by the state in the key projects of "12th Five-year High-end CNC Machine Tool and Basic Manufacturing Equipment".


As a photoelectric encoder and optical instruments industry's leading enterprises, Yu Heng Optics Shoulder China Machine Tool Industry Association digital display branch director of the unit and the National Measuring Instrument Standardization Technical Committee Digital Display Device Technical Committee (SAC / TC132 / SC3) Committee The mission of the unit. In 2009, Yu Heng Optics Co., Ltd., as a member of Standardization Technical Committee, presided over the development of "rotary encoder" industry standard and presided over the revision of "grating angle encoder" industry standard, involved in the drafting of "grating angular displacement measurement system" industry standard and "CPE- Bus Displacement Encoder two-way serial communication protocol specification ", the above criteria have been sent for trial. My company has the same industry in the country, the only national encoder engineering pilot base, the largest number of intellectual property ownership of the enterprise, but also the industry's only state-approved post-doctoral research station established, passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification. Yu Heng Optics is a post-doctoral research base in Jilin Province, provincial technology center. "Yu Heng" card photoelectric encoder products in the industry is the only Chinese brand-name products.


The company fully implemented the ERP enterprise resource planning system and established a network management system of production, sales, storage, finance and technology covering five sales branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Northeastern China and implemented remote data management.


Optics encoder Yuhuan Optics products are widely used in the field of automation, the control system constitutes an important component, is CNC machine tools, AC servo motors, elevators, metallurgy, major scientific research equipment, aerospace, automated assembly line and other essential Sensor devices, equipment manufacturing industry is an important part of the upgrade. Products passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, through the EU RoHS testing and CE certification, with the improvement of the degree of automation in China, its market prospects are very broad, also received the key support of the state industrial policy.


Changchun Yuheng Times Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. leading products are optical instruments and related components, with 40 years of manufacturing history, is the national secondary measurement equipment production permit. Including high-precision collimator, precision monochromator, laser Raman spectroscopy, solid-state lasers, photoelectric laboratory complete sets of equipment reached the international advanced level. Optics components exported to the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries.


Strength casting brand, professional achievements of quality. Yu Heng optical always adhere to the "integrity, efficiency and win-win" business philosophy, building a unique corporate culture, take the road of brand development, dedicated to provide customers with first-class products and services. "Sincere Sensing" is Yu Heng Optics essence of culture. Yu Heng Optics products not only as a sensor to convey information, and customers in the application of more feel Yu Heng Optics  products excellence, sincere and trust of customers, the sensor will be sincere Yu Heng Optics sustainable development will never change committed to.


Mr. Lin Changyou, general manager Message: We can not always repeat the past way of doing things, because things around us constantly changing, we must take the lead in the change.

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